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Chat List Rules

Rules for Greyhound Pets, Inc. Mail Lists

  1. Mail to all Greyhound Pets, Inc. lists should be of broad interest to the group as a whole. That is, subjects relating to the welfare of greyhounds such as facts about the breed, eating, grooming, exercise, etc.
  2. Please be considerate of the volume of mail posted to all GPI lists. This one especially pertains to the Volunteer list. Send personal mail directly to the person concerned. Brief congratulatory/welcome messages should also be sent personally rather than to the group. Messages of one or two sentences only should not be sent to the list. a. Regarding the Volunteer list, please keep all messages confined to volunteer matters ONLY. Chatty replies can be posted to the GPI list but remove the volunteer list address from your responses.
  3. No flaming - any messages of complaint or negativity about another subscriber to any GPI list should be sent directly to that person or to the administrators.
  4. The writings and opinions posted to any GPI mailing list are strictly the opinions of the writer, and do not contain any endorsements, or guarantees of any kind.
  5. Postings that could be construed as defamatory, libellous or offensive to individuals, organizations or institutions should not be posted to the GPI list.
  6. Membership to all GPI lists constitutes an undertaking to abide by these ground rules, and to be considerate of other members when posting mail to the list.
  7. Subscribers are expected to maintain standards of 'netiquette' as outlined in these rules. List admins have the right to remove any subscriber for breaching these guidelines at any time and without notice. Using a GPI mail list for commercial gain warrants such a removal.
  8. Under no circumstances may addresses from any GPI list be compiled, collected or used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, other than in mail regarding the topic of the list.
  9. Addresses may not be used for mass mailings ('spams') or databases without the express written permission of the individual subscriber.
  10. The copyright to an individual posting made to any GPI list member is held by the individual poster. The copyright to the subscriber list in its entirety is held by the list-owner. The copyright to the compilation of postings to any GPI list is held by the list-owner. (Greyhound Pets, Inc.)
  11. Redistribution of the postings made to any GPI list without the express written permission of the list-owner (Greyhound Pets, Inc.) is forbidden. All redistribution must include the original mail headers crediting the source of the material.
  12. It is considered extremely rude to forward personal email to mailing lists or usenet without the original author's permission.
  13. Your continued subscription to this list is a tacit and implied agreement to the rules of this list.
  14. Please snip all but a relevant sentence or two of the message you are replying to. If you are on the digest version of the list, this will require that you snip/delete almost ALL of the digest before replying.
  15. No postings will be allowed to the list that solicit funds for groups other than GPI or groups associated with GPI.

Things to Do

  • Keep messages on topic. Please ensure that you keep messages that you send to the lists confined to the specific topic area for that list. for details regarding the stated topic for each list.) For example, although there are many "good causes" in the world ("please write your congressperson RE starving children in [insert country name here]"), and there are many caring people subscribed to the Greyhound Pets, Inc. lists, please DO NOT use these lists to send such messages. (If you forward a message which is, in fact, related to the list's mission, but may not be completely obvious to list users, please include a brief note with the forwarded message explaining its specific relevance to the list.)
  • No politics. Please refrain from sending messages which are overtly/blatantly political in nature (e.g. voting recommendations for particular candidates). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
  • Use Reply appropriately. Understand your REPLY button!! Realize that your e-mail system's REPLY function sends your reply to the entire list, not just the original sender of the message to which you're replying.
  • Send text-only messages. While the GPI list software strips html formatting from list messages before it posts, it is always useful to know how to turn off html formatting for other purposes such as demime failing to strip html formatting and remove pictures and attachments. It is very important that you send only text-based messages (no HTML, e.g. fancy colors or fonts) to GPI-sponsored lists. HTML-tagged messages may not appear as the author intended upon arrival in others' mailboxes. Some information is available online RE how to set up your mail system to change from HTML to PLAIN TEXT; also, another resource is available RE how to disable HTML format for various internet mail programs. If you have questions about these procedures, please e-mail the admins at [email protected] or [email protected].
  • Be professional. Please be professional in your approach to messages sent to the list; no personal attacks! Certainly, list members may disagree on various topics; but please try to keep rebuttals factual, not personal.
  • No attachments or pictures. We do have software which will auto strip attachments, pictures and html formatting but in case this aspect of the software fails, do not send attachments to the list.

Things Not to Do

  • Don't send off-topic messages.
  • Don't send overtly political messages.
  • Don't use "reply" when you mean to send a message to just one person.
  • Don't use HTML (fancy formatting) in messages you send.
  • Don't be unprofessional or petty in your submissions.
  • Don't send large attachments.
  • Don't set "vacation" or "auto-reply" features on your e-mail without first unsubscribing or going "no mail" to all GPI.

If you have any questions, contact the List Adminstrator: Cathy Munro