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Available Dogs

Available Dogs

If you are interested in adopting one of the available dogs shown here, please contact one of our representatives listed on our Contact Us page to help you with the adoption process.

You must be able to travel to our kennel in Woodinville, WA to meet available dogs.  We generally do not transport dogs to adoptive families, you must come to us.

Information on the adoption process can be found under our Adoption Guide.

Dogs Available for Adoption

The information in the description of a dog regarding behavior, and the results of cat, small dog and kid-friendly testing is provided only for guidance. Each dog may adapt differently in a different home environment, with other animals or children whose behavior is different. We do not recommend picking a dog from its cute picture or color.  Please work closely with your adoption representative to help you choose the right dog for your home.

If, for any reason, you can no longer keep your dog, you must return it to Greyhound Pets, Inc.  Our adoption contract that you will sign when you adopt your dog states, "If I can no longer keep this dog I will return it to Greyhound Pets, Inc. immediately."  If you need to return your dog, please call one of the closest representatives listed above or 877-468-7681 to arrange the return of your dog.