Getting Started

Getting Started

Our adoption activities are centered around Washington State, Northern Oregon, and Southwestern British Columbia. If you live outside of the area we serve, we can refer you to an adoption group that serves your area.

If you want to adopt a greyhound, you should be looking for a house dog and a companion. Greyhounds should not live outside, since they have little body fat nor a thick coat to keep them warm. And, as your best friend, they want to be with you.

Carefully consider whether a greyhound is the correct choice for a pet in your home and life environment. Some things you can do to make an informed decision include:

  • Use the resources in our adoption guide to learn about greyhounds and their needs.
  • Understand and accept GPI’s Adoption Rules and Guidelines outlined in our adoption application.
  • Work with a GPI Regional Vice President or Adoption Representative who will answer your questions.
  • Attend GPI Meet and Greets and other GPI events to meet greyhounds and their owners, as well as available greyhounds.

When you decide that you are ready to adopt a greyhound, go to our Adoption Guide and browse our Available Greyhounds.

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