volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Greyhound Pets, Inc.

You can help us help the dogs.  Please consider volunteering your time, donating items or helping with monetary donations.

Here are some of the ways you can help.  See our Wish List for other things we need.

Kennel Turnout:

Turnout involves letting the dogs in the kennel out at turnout time, loving on them, brushing them, making sure they get some exercise, and helping us to get to know the dogs better. Turnout takes approximately 1 - 1.5 hours (depending upon how many dogs are in the kennel).  You don’t have to have a greyhound to volunteer with the hounds.

You will be volunteering at our kennel located in Woodinville, WA. Contact Anne Wooden to get started.

Brightwater Walks:

Walking the available hounds helps us learn about them and also gives them valuable experience for life after racing or rescue. They need guidance learning about the world outside the kennel, and the walks help us give them that guidance.  If you are interested in walking the hounds at the Brightwater Center in Woodinville, WA, contact Chris Nooney for more information.

"Meet & Greet" Booth Activities:

Requires spending 2 - 3 hours on Saturday or Sunday at a booth near you to promote the greyhounds, hand out literature and provide information about the adoption program. Check out the latest schedule for our booth activities.  Contact your Regional VP for more information.

Fostering Greyhounds:

We on occasion need foster homes for dogs awaiting their forever homes.  In order to foster you must have or have had a greyhound.  Contact your Regional VP for more information.

Transporting Dogs:

We occasionally need help in transporting dogs to booths, to vet appointments or other events.  Contact your Regional VP for more information.

There are more activities that you can get involved in.  To find out more, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Vice President in the area nearest to you.

Volunteer Shirts

We have shirts for GPI volunteers for sale – check them out here. There are lots of cool colors to choose from and they also have our beautiful logo on them.