Privacy Policy Statement

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Effective April 1, 2008

1. Greyhound Pets, Inc. (GPI) respects the privacy of its members, volunteers, donors, supporters, agents, contractors and suppliers of products or services. This Privacy Policy Statement provides information concerning GPI services, the types of information provided to GPI by third parties or obtained through visits to GPI’s website, how that information is used, under what conditions information may be disclosed to others, and the options you have with regard to the use and correction of that information. GPI’s to comply with applicable privacy laws worldwide and to offer GPI website visitors notice of security, data integrity, access, and enforcement with regard to personal information. GPI’s goal is to provide protection for personal information no matter where that information is collected, transferred, or retained. GPI’s overriding concern is that its supporters never experience any inconvenience, annoyance or inaccurate representations as a result of misuse or careless use of personal information.

2. Any E-commerce services or Internet supplier sources used by or linked to GPI may not be within the control of GPI. Third party websites may provide products or services directly or through association with GPI. THE PRIVACY POLICIES OF THIRD PARTY SITES MAY DIFFER FROM GPI’s AND WILL GOVERN TRANSACTIONS THROUGH THOSE SITES. You are urged to review the privacy policy of any third party site.

3. Collection of Personal Information

a. “Personal Information” means any information that may identify an individual, an individual’s location, communication information, financial account information and other information required to provide an efficient method for transactions and communications with GPI.

b. GPI may receive personal information either from individuals directly or from transaction service providers, partners or suppliers. GPI resources for receiving personal information may include but are not limited to:

(1). Requests for information about products and services;

(2). Entering a contest or promotion;

(3). Ordering newsletter or other informational tools;

(4). Purchasing products;

(5). Signing up as a supporting contributor to GPI’s mission;

(6). Supporting donations and financial contributions;

4. Use of Personal Information

a. GPI retains personal information in a controlled manner. Individual personal information will be used only in a manner considered in support of the individual’s interest, in support of the welfare of a greyhound associated with the individual, or in direct support of GPI’s mission objectives.

b. Some of the ways in which GPI may use personal information include:

(1). To take, process or deliver an order, process or obtain payment or notify you of the status of your transaction;

(2). In connection with keys, access codes or other information as may be required to permit you to access partners’ sites to receive products, updates or services;

(3). To facilitate the renewal of subscriptions for products or services;

(4). To provide you with effective informational and support services.

(5). To provide you with activity updates, announcements, and product information, alerts and offerings;

(6). To send you, with your consent, newsletters or promotional emails or undertake other promotional activities related directly to the mission of GPI;

(7). To permit you to participate in online surveys and polls; and

(8). To improve GPI’s website, publications, manuals, guides, activities and services thereby enhancing the experiences of supporters in their GPI relationships.

c. GPI will take reasonable steps to ensure any person or entity receiving personal information for the purposes described above, are committed to protecting that personal information from misuse, careless use or further disclosure. By engaging in a transaction, exchange or communication with GPI or one of its partners, you consent to the use of your personal information as set forth above, and to the transfer of that data to our partners or those individuals or entities we engage to provide services in connection with your transaction or the welfare of a greyhound.

5. Management of Personal Information

a. Greyhound Pets, Inc. endeavors to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date. If you find that your personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, please communicate updates using GPI’s website based communication resources at <>.

6. Disclosure of Personal information

a. GPI will disclose your personal information directly to you upon your request; provided, however, that all or part of your request may be rejected when:

(1). The disclosure may harm the life, the body, the property or rights of yourself or third parties,

(2). The disclosure may exceed the administrative response capacity of GPI while conducting other mission oriented operations or business.

(3). Your identity cannot be confirmed in the request or through reasonable means.

(4). The method requested for disclosure does not meet privacy and/or security standards.

(5). As a security measure, personal financial account information reasonably believed by GPI to be already held will not be provided.

7. Sharing Personal Information

a. Greyhound Pets, Inc. may receive personal information from you directly or from business partners, service providers or suppliers who collect the personal information needed to provide a service to you. In some circumstances, personal information that GPI receives from you directly may be provided to partners or suppliers in order for them to provide a service to GPI for your benefit or for providing a service to you.

b. GPI may employ other companies to provide services in connection with transactions, exchanges or communications. GPI may use companies to process credit card payments, deliver packages, provide mailing services, analyze data, consult on marketing and communications methods, provide customer service, and otherwise enable GPI to better accomplish its mission. These organizations may have access to personal information only to the extent required in performing their service or providing their product.

c. Greyhound Pets, Inc. may be required by legal process to provide personal information data to legitimate and appropriate law enforcement or governmental authorities within the United States. Individuals will not be provided with notice of such requests. In such situations, personally identifiable information may be released to third parties if it is appropriate to do so in order to comply with law or to protect against fraud. GPI will also release such information:

(1). To cooperate with law enforcement or other governmental investigations (without necessarily requiring the law enforcement or government agency requesting the information to formally serve a subpoena);

(2). To comply with all valid court orders or subpoenas;

(3). To protect the legal rights of Greyhound Pets, Inc., its members, employees, volunteers, contractors, supporters and other associates contributing to GPI’s mission achievement;

(4). When it is needed for fraud protection and/or credit risk reduction; and/or,

(5). To protect the personal safety of GPI employees, agents, other associates, domestic animals or the public in general.

d. GPI also reserves the right to report to such entities any activities believed to be unlawful. Any such report of the activities outlined in (1) through (5) above will be made without prior notice to the individual and without prior consent.

e. In the event GPI merges with another entity, is acquired by another entity, or enters into a business combination with another entity, GPI may be required to disclose personal information to that entity in order to continue providing established or enhanced service to affiliated individuals.

f. Greyhound Pets, Inc. shall not sell, trade, rent, or give any personal information to any individual or entity not directly associated with GPI in a mission supporting relationship except as specified above.

8. Privacy of Minority Age Children

a. GPI interactive communications assets are intended for adult use or use by minor children under adult supervision and approval. GPI communication assets are not designed specifically to attract minor children and do not have as an objective the collection of personal information from minor children. GPI’s goal is to comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning collection and use of information from minor children, including, though not required of a nonprofit organization, compliance with the “Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act” of the United States (1998, effective April 1, 2000).

9. Security of Personal Information

a. Web based financial transactions with GPI will be on a secure server that encrypts credit card information and any additional information necessary for the completion of a transaction. Secure server encryption makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a third party to access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner.

10. Your Options

b. Providing personal information to GPI is entirely at your option, however; if you do not provide necessary personal information you may not be able to conduct financial transactions, participate in GPI activities or operations, enlist services or access certain offers or options that may be of benefit to you.

c. Participation in GPI activities as a member, volunteer, foster or adopter requires that some personal information be provided to and retained by GPI.

11. Privacy Policy Statement Amendments and Changes

a. Greyhound Pets, Inc. may amend this Privacy Policy Statement from time-to-time. Notification of any such amendments or changes will be by updating the “Effective Date” at the top of this Privacy Policy Statement.

12. Greyhound Pets, Inc. Contact Information

a. If you would like to contact an agent of GPI with questions or comments concerning GPI’s Privacy Policy Statement or if you feel your inquiry or request has not been addressed to your satisfaction, please contact an Officer or Director of GPI through the e-mail message provision on the “Contact Us” page of GPI’s website, <> or via postal mail to: Greyhound Pets, Inc., P.O. Box 891, Woodinville, WA 98072.