Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Zeus "G's Trojan"

"G's Trojan"
February 28, 2004 - April 4, 2017

Dearly missed by Roger, Lynn, Cam, Janine, Jonah and Brodie

More often than not, our family actively sought out its many animal companions. Such was not the case with Zeus. He found us.

After his previous living situation proved unsuccessful, we greeted Zeus into our home as a temporary foster partly in order to reunite him with his brother, Brodie. However, despite arriving with some challenges, such as considerable anxiety and a bad limp caused by surgery on his back foot, he quickly won our family over with his infectiously goofy energy. It didn’t take us long to realize he would be a permanent addition, especially after he was seen sharing a bed one night with his long-missing sibling.

His sad passing from a sudden neurological condition, on the morning of April 4th at the age of 13, came as something of a shock. We unfortunately didn’t have much time to prepare ourselves for a future without our adorable and hopelessly devoted family member.

For Zeus had, in recent years, undergone something of a Benjamin Button-like rejuvenation following surgery to remove the metal plate in his foot. After spending far too many of his prime years restrained by his injury, he was more than making up for lost time. Practically exploding with giddy rambunctiousness, he loved to wrestle, bound around the house and dance on his hind legs while leaping in the air for toys. He was also a passionate participant in a special game combining Keep Away, Tug-of-War and Guess Which Hand? that he helped co-create, and flawlessly obeyed the rules of.

A huge presence in our house, our silly Zeus-Goose’s colorful quirks rarely failed to inspire laughter or smiles: blissful Saturday Night Fever sleeping dance moves; the uncontrollable toothy grin when he was ecstatic to see someone; his gentle eyes narrowing with affection when cuddling, and the appreciative groans elicited from scratches behind the ears. Perhaps most of all, though, the world has been forever robbed of the brilliant ongoing comedy duo routine he had unknowingly perfected with his equally idiosyncratic “bwutha.”

We’d like to express our sincere thanks to Greyhound Pets Inc. for helping guide our cherished “marshmallow” Zeusi on the journey that brought him into our lives. Words can’t express how much he meant to us, and the loss we’re currently feeling.

Fare thee well, Zeus. Now you’re free at long last to race with all the heart, joy and unencumbered strength of your mighty namesake. Just try not to annoy your sister Suvi too much.