Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Yosie "Pat C Yosemite"

"Pat C Yosemite"
May 1, 2000 - May 20, 2012

Dearly missed by Lynda Brennan

Forward by Moira Corrigan
Picture by Jack Richardson

Yosemite’s story starts on August 15, 2009. See photos of Yosemite’s arrival to GPI here.

You’re most probably asking yourself, why should I care about the number 5000.

I’m always excited to bring in a new load of dogs, but I’m extra excited because tomorrow we will bring in greyhound number 5000. We’ll actually get to 5011. So since John Hern founded our organization in 1985 as of tomorrow we will have brought in 5011 greyhounds. WOW!!!

#5000 will be a beautiful white and brindle, 9.5 year old brood mom by the name of Yosemite!!
February 2011 Update: As of February 19, 2011 we have brought in 5,208 dogs!!! Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, adopters and part-time employees that work so hard to find these pups their forever homes.

August 23, 2009:  Yosie finds her forever home with Lynda in Canada.

May 20, 2012 Update – Today, sweet, brave Yosie (Pat C Yosemite), GPI’s celebratory rescue hound No. 5000, slipped off to Rainbow Ridge at the tender age of 12 years plus.

Four months ago she had an intestinal cancer operation. In her remaining days she demonstrated how wonderful life was meant to be – frolicking in the Arizona sun, hounding all humans for ear scratches, smacking up her peanut butter treats (with hidden meds), enjoying her morning massages, bounding down the hall for walk-walks or visits to her adopted cousins next door. And, during that final period she even charmed two people into wanting to adopt a greyhound!

Yosie was a true champion in every way – 69 races, 2 litters of puppies – adopted at almost 10. She won many hearts and Her Worship will be missed by many.

Goodbye Sweet Girl.
Lynda B