Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Winnie "AAA Sprite"

"AAA Sprite"
July 27, 1998 - January 3, 2011

Dearly missed by Cathy, Jack, Mike, Sam and Dan Munro

To say that Winnie was the sweetest greyhound ever…well, many would say that about their greyhounds and for the most part, I’d have to agree but Winnie really was a very sweet and special dog.

We were her third or fourth home but we fostered her in 2003 for a short time. She was a dog that I wanted to adopt right then and there but our home was full of dogs at the time so we let her go to another home. When she was returned due to family circumstances in 2008, I knew we couldn’t let her go again. Yes, she was already 10 years old by that time but so what? Lil Bit was also almost 10 when we adopted her and lived to be 15 and a half. Those were a wonderful 5 years too. We were hoping to have as much time with Winnie but it was not to be.

Winnie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on the day before Thanksgiving 2010. The news ruined our holiday season. She did well with pain medication for awhile but by January 3, 2011, it was obvious that our time with Winnie was coming to an end.

While we only had Winnie with us for two short years, they were the most full-filling and happy years. She loved walks and seemed to do a happy dance while we were out. I’d always say, “Are you a happy girl, Winnie?” and she seemed to wiggle with happiness with her nose up in the air while at a dance like trot. She actually seemed to be smiling too.

Winnie seemed to know intuitively every word that you said to her. She was so smart and very loving. We will miss her forever. Run free, sweet girl…..