Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Wafer "Ohmar's Jart"

"Ohmar's Jart"
June 1, 1991 - August 1, 2002

Dearly missed by Bob and Jane Fredericks of Bremerton, WA.
“When we picked up Wafer at his foster home, we didn’t realize we were getting a very special Greyhound – he was tall, handsome and very outgoing. Wafer considered everyone he met a close friend, and everyone who rang our doorbell was greeted with equal exuberation and joy, but most responded with a hug. How could you not hug a dog who showed you such love and affection on the first meeting? Yet in all his leaping, bounding expression of love, he never pawed or touched anyone, and he never growled or barked at a human. Early on we tried to rein in some of his enthusiasm by obedience training and did well until the sit/stay portion. Sitting was unnatural to him and to “stay” was out of the question. To “stay” was to be an unthinkable separation from his masters.

He taught us right away that this particular greyhound did not sleep in the laundry room or garage or anywhere but by his new owners and as close as possible. Leaving him behind when we went in the car was out of the question also. His greatest joy was chasing a tennis ball and running with it at racing speed till exhaustion, then flopping down for a long rest.

We will always be grateful to Greyhound Pets and John Hern for rescuing Wafer and all these beautiful animals, and for the unforgettable years Wafer owned us. By now Wafer has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is continuing his life of exuberance and joy.

P.S. Wafer’s nickname was Elroy and his registered name was Ohmar’s Jart. According to the vet, Wafer apparently died of cancer.”