Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Turbo "Disturbia"

September 30, 2006 - September 1, 2019

Dearly missed by David and Margaret Hudson

TURBO! left our pack for the Bridge on Sunday morning, September First.

There was never a day that our sweet friend didn’t greet with joy and happiness, and even strangers who met him could see in his eyes his gentle, affectionate soul. TURBO! was the first dog to live on my ship with me, and although he did not care for being away from his pack in Poulsbo, he still made friends wherever he went in Alameda, California. Years after this fellow returned home, cars driving by on the street in Alameda would stop and ask how TURBO! was doing. In his later years, even though he was hobbled by corns and a vicious bout of SLO (Symmetric Lupoid Onychodystrophy) in his later life, TURBO! enjoyed every meal, welcomed every guest, and loved every child who entered our home. His eyes were clear until the day he died, and the loving welcome he offered every person who met him will always warm our hearts.

On that last Sunday morning, as it so often seems to happen with our Greys, TURBO! simply ran out of time. We all knew that the sand was fast running out of the glass, and we had all said our farewells. TURBO! walked into the Animal Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Poulsbo and laid down on his favorite blanket. The staff gave us time to say our goodbyes and then TURBO! sprinted off to his next adventure while we held him in our arms. We will love that sweet dog’s goofy, affectionate character forever.