Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Truck "Frictional"

March 11, 2016 - January 19, 2024

Dearly missed by Kristi and John Milkovich family and Prim

It is with a broken heart that I need to report we had to send Truck to the Rainbow Bridge Friday night. He had a tumor on the peripheral nerve sheath in his left shoulder and lost all muscle mass. Could no longer put weight on his left leg and steroids did nothing but help him eat. The doctor said the only thing that “might” help was amputation, and I could not put him through that with no guarantee that it would help. He was in so much pain…. I love him so much and miss him more than you know ❤️. Prim is doing ok so far, looking for him, but at least she’s still eating… thank you for giving us the privilege of including Truck in our family.