Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Trey "No Registered Name"

"No Registered Name"
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April 4, 2000 - May 10, 2012

Dearly missed by Peg and Rick Barker

Our beautiful little girl, Trey, crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Eagle on May 10, 2012. She was the sweetest, gentlest, smartest little Greyhound and she knew how to make us laugh.

Trey was also a tough little girl. We adopted her in April of 2005 and a year later she showed us her determination to survive. While on her evening walk with Rick, two Akitas charged out of the woods on a quest to kill her. They knocked Rick to the ground in order to get to her. She was horribly injured and the emergency vet didn’t think she’d make it through the night. She was wrong. Trey came home with seven drains, a chunk of muscle missing from her chest and a front leg nearly chewed off. For the next month, she and I were together 24/7. Little by little, with a second surgery to close the hole in her chest, she gained ground. She was well known in the community because of the nightly walks and for weeks after we brought her home we would find “get well” cards addressed to Trey along with little treats left on our doorstep. She certainly made her mark and everyone loved her.

She taught herself to quietly sneak up on the squirrels who loved to tease her. The day she caught one was a surprise to the squirrels! For the next six months they made themselves scarce. We were sure they sent out the word that there was a psycho greyhound in our yard and to stay OUT or risk your life!
She had the biggest smile and she loved to play like the “Nestle Dog” with Rick. She would get close and then… SNAP…her jaws together a mere centimeter from his nose! Rick could feel the breeze while Trey and I laughed at him.

Rick, Snoopy and I will miss her. The house is much to quiet without her running up and down the stairs and we miss her sneaky little ways of conning an extra cookie out of us. Poor Snoopy didn’t have enough time to learn all her tricks.

Goodbye for now my sweet little Trey, we’ll see you again someday.