Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Titan "John Jacobe"

"John Jacobe"
March 1, 1997 - January 28, 2007

Dearly missed by Galen, Mike, Desiree, Kimberly, Travis, Jason, Mallory & Ben

 My Daughter dreamed about him the night before we got him and again, the night before we lost him. This fact convinces me that Titan or Ti as we called him was truly meant to be part of our family.

It all started seven years ago when I saw a news story on the plight of the Greyhound. I decided right then to become part of the solution and rescue a Greyhound. After a series of paperwork, house checks etc. we were approved by Greyhound Pets, Inc. to adopt.

Then in May 2000 my two daughters & I finally made the journey from Mission, BC to down to Oak Harbor, Washington to adopt a Greyhound. For the past few weeks, we all had been visiting the Greyhound Pets, Inc. website looking at the available dogs. I had my heart set on this little brindle female with no tail, but Des had dreamed about this large black and white male named John Jacobe (later named Titan). In the end there was no question Ti had such a great personality we all just loved him and took him home.

Over the next few months Titan bonded with our family including our two other dogs, Lady, a Springer Spaniel and her son, Ben, a Lab Springer X. As she had done with Ben, Lady took Titan under her wing and taught him everything she knew, which also meant she taught Ti how to become an escape artist. It was a real battle of wits with the dogs on one side & us on the other. We had only one real close call when Ti fell into a swimming pool and would have drowned if not for Ben who was found holding Ti up by the collar to keep him afloat in the pool.

Over the next few years, Titan became a loved and valued member of our family. But at the same time he got to be a real dog – he barked to go outside, barked at the mailman, loved to go for walks, and jumped for joy when someone came home. His big brown eyes and loving personality made him adorable to anyone he met.

We Miss you Ti and know you & Lady are playing together at the Rainbow Bridge.

All our love,

Galen, Mike, Desiree, Kimberly, Travis, Jason, Mallory & Ben