Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Teddy "Volatile"

June 13, 2016 - February 9, 2016

Dearly missed by Linda, Robert, and daughters Luci and Liana

Our greyhound, Teddy, suffered an embolism and stroke at the age of nine. We are grateful that he was a happy, healthy dog up to this event.

Teddy was well-loved not only by his family, but by the Seattle neighborhood of Wallingford where he took daily hour-long walks. He always welcomed the affection of strangers and eagerly greeted fellow dogs. He had a calming effect on many a barking dog, except for his neighborhood girlfriends Bella (an australian cattle dog) and Olivia (a pit bull) who always tried in vain to play-wrestle with Teddy. He was even gentle with cats. One neighbor’s mellow cat mistook Teddy in his raincoat for a table and jumped onto his back. The cat instantly scrambled off when he realized the table was a dog. Teddy took it in stride and the neighbor and I had a long laugh.

Aside from his walks, Teddy enjoyed the love and attention of his family, his squeaky stuffed animals, his pricey dog treats, his occasional vacation time spent at Stephanie Wiseman’s house, and being Linda’s shadow. We feel blessed to have known Teddy these past seven years.

Linda, Robert, Luci and Liana