Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Tasha "Tosser"

May 1, 1989 - March 10, 2004

Sadly missed by Mary Anne and Jerry Marble of Seattle, WA.

Our Tasha was a sweet, dignified, playful, stubborn, gentle grand dame who ruled our “brindle brigade” with an iron paw. She loved popcorn, sleeping curled into the back of our legs in bed at night, running in her sleep, leaning hard against you for ear and neck massages, and her “Barbara Bush” pearl necklace. Tasha greeted you at the door when you came home, play bowing and dancing from foot to foot, all the while whining, chattering and smiling. She would let out deep rumbling grunts of contentment when she was happy, and nasty gas when Daddy’s gave her too much popcorn. Tasha had a cat-like habit of licking her front paws and then washing her face and ears. She may not have the stamina, but she’s still had the heart of her racing days. At 14, Tasha was in great shape — she had a dedicated appetite, loved to go for walks despite a little bit of arthritis, and acute hearing to make up for the cataracts. Tasha took her self-appointed position of guard dog and fun police very seriously, although she was not a
bove stealing (and then viciously attacking) a squeaky toy from the younger dogs. She smiled, whined and chattered her teeth to tell you it’s time for love, food, walks or bed, and has taught our other two greyhounds (and some fosters) how to whine. Most importantly, Tasha has taught us all the value of slowing down, finding a comfortable place to relax, and enjoying the moment with our loved ones. We’re so glad this sweet girl adopted us!

– Mary Anne and Jerry Marble