Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Tango "LH Rewind Tango"

"LH Rewind Tango"
November 30, 1998 - August 22, 2011

Dearly missed by Khalil and Tamila Timm

With tears in my eyes, I wanted to let you know that our beautiful grey went to heaven. We loved him as Tango, but his racing name was LH Rewind Tango #118D-77750. He was born on Nov 30, 1998. He was a handsome tuxedo marked black greyhound with white on his nose, chest, tail tip and all but 1 paw that made him look like he stepped in ink. He was known to our friends as the ‘love muffin’ and is missed by all who he nuzzled. He was tall in stature and until a few yearss ago weighed close to 100lb without being over-weight. Most people asked if he was part great dane too. Anyone who feared large dogs walked away with a a sense of ease after spending just a few minutes in his presence. He was known as the referee at the dog park. When ever dogs were barking at each other, he would run over to them and telepathically communicate with them to setttle down. It worked everytime.

He managed to have a few close calls throughout his life, so we joked that he must be part cat too since he seems to have 9 lives. He survived severe hyperthermia and pneumonia from aspirating during a routine dental cleaning, several bouts of swollen rear legs, chronic colitis, an vicious attack by another dog at the dog park and learned to live with a paralyzed larynx. We would just look at him and say that we could afford to send him to college if his vet bills weren’t so expensive. When we knew that it was his last day with us, a friend called the vet to make arrangements and drove all of us so that we could hold him. When pulled in to the parking lot, it was Tango that utimately decided that he didn’t want to go in and instead took his last breath in the arms of those who loved him the most.

I thank you for helping us to find Tango. He was being fostered by Sue Smith at that time, many-many years ago. I remember that she said that he was clumsy and even poked his eye on her backyard garden fence. When I picked him up he was still on antibiotics for the eye wound and since I was a nurse- we agreed that I could take care of it easily. He gave us many wonderful memories and we know that he is still with us in spirit.

I would not hesitate to adopt another black greyhound and will do so again in the future. We just bought a grocery store/Mediterranean deli business and simply do not have the time right now to devote to a new dog. As soon as we do, you will hear from us again.

Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.

Thank you very much,

Khalil and Tamila