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Suzzy "PF Defy Shy "

"PF Defy Shy "
April 23, 2000 - February 27, 2012

Dearly missed by Moira and Mike Corrigan

Suzzy was our quirky, loveable, sweet girl. Moira first heard of Suzzy when she was in Idaho for the annual board meeting and picnic in 2003. Suzzy had gotten loose from her adoptive home and she got the call about her being loose. Suzzy got home safe and sound.

Suzzy was returned to GPI February 24, 2006 because she was nipping at the grand-kids and they were afraid it was escalating. We fostered her when she was returned.

We adopted Suzzy on January 24, 2007.

Suzzy was a shy girl and when she originally came to us she would not tolerate any dog sniffing her butt. We were able to train her out of that and she settled into our home.

Suzzy had to be the hardest dog we had ever had to housetrain…she would periodically pee in the bedroom or in various places around the house for no apparent reason. We taught her to use the dog door, which took 3 grueling months, and that seemed to solve the problem.

If we had visitors, Suzzy would often retreat to our bedroom. And when she first arrived with us she was known to nip anyone in the butt if she was scared by them. She settled after a while and learned to just head to her hidey spots. As she matured, she would often sneak out to join the commotion, but still in the background.

Suzzy loved car rides and was always happy to go along, although she would hang back at first until she was in the car.

Sunshine was Suzzy’s favorite – she loved to lie out in the sun! In the summer Moira often put dog beds out on the patio or on the back porch and we would find Suzzy out there soaking up the sun!

Suzzy would often lie on our bed when we were gone, but other than one time, she would never come up on the bed when we were in bed. She would come to the side of the bed for some loving or to tell us it was meal time.

Suzzy and Rango often had a little play game first thing in the morning and they would chase each other around the bedroom and play together – too cute! Suzzy loved her boys!

Addie ripped her open in Sept. 2009 while we were away on a trip. We drove home (3,000 miles in 3 days) and picked her up from the emergency vet. She had quite the collection of stitches and nasty wound down the side of her neck. It took months, several surgeries, and much care for the major wound on her neck to heal. We eventually got everything to heal. But after the attack, Suzzy was always the first one to be picked on/packed on so we were always extra cautious with the other dogs and separated Suzzy from most of the other dogs when we left, in particular separating her from Addie.

She loved her walks and was always ready to head out. She loved to run the trails, although in later years she wouldn’t run with the pack as she was afraid of being packed on. So she would just hang out with Moira and walk along checking things out.

Suzzy loved the couches in the living room and would often be found there hanging out. She loved her bully sticks and would jump excitedly when we separated her into our bedroom and left her with a bully stick!!

Out at the lake, Suzzy could often be found on our bed just hanging out.

Suzzy would always let Moira know when she wanted something. She would whine when it was meal time or walk time or biscuit time. She wasn’t going to let us forget that it was time for certain things to happen. If “moma” wasn’t listening to her though, she would go to Mike and whine to get “moma” moving so she could get her meal or her walk.

Ball playing was a favorite of Suzzy’s. Not that she liked to chase the ball…no, she liked to chase the dog chasing the ball. Before Addie joined the pack the whole pack would chase one ball. Hoss was chief ball chaser, but Suzzy was chief Hoss chaser and while Hoss was getting the ball, Suzzy would take him out by grabbing his back legs or slide tackling him. Hoss would never retaliate against Suzzy.

Suzzy loved her walks so much that even on her last morning, she insisted on going for a walk. And Moira didn’t want to take her too far, but Suzzy wanted to walk the trails and stood out in the field near the entrance to the side trails until Moira got the hint. They then walked the side trails and Suzzy was content.

Suzzy was never overly affectionate, but she would periodically come for some loving. Or when she wanted something she would seek out some loving.

In November 2011 Moira had noticed a lump on her back right leg and we had it checked out. On November 17th, 2011, Suzzy was diagnosed with a sarcoma of some kind..most probably a hemangiosarcoma in her back right leg. It was a slow growing cancer.

On Monday morning, February 27, 2012 we put Suzzy to sleep as we weren’t able to control the pain anymore and she had stopped eating. She had basically not eaten for the last two weeks. Suzzy went peacefully.

Always our baby girl! We miss you greatly baby girl. Run free!!