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Suvi "Mount Vesuvius"

"Mount Vesuvius"
July 4, 2018 - September 22, 2014

Dearly missed by Roger, Lynn, Janine, Cam, Brodie, Zeus & Lisa

It didn’t take Suvi very long to prove to us that she was one very unique and clever girl.
A lightning quick read when it came to rules, she quickly determined they were for her to make and others to follow. One evening shortly after her arrival, we wandered into the television room to discover that not only was she quietly curled up on the couch in as small a ball as physically possible, but she’d also pulled a pillow on top of herself as makeshift camouflage. Most impressive of all, she’d managed this sly little act of disobedient mischief while wearing her hot pink muzzle!

Years later, we’re still not entirely sure how she managed to pull this off. Guess we know who the smartest one in the room was.

When Suvi sadly passed away on September 22nd, after a long, rich and loyal 15-year life, she left behind a treasure trove of amusing stories that we’ll hold dear forever. Exuberant and determined in every role she took on, she was a respected den mother to her fellow greyhound housemates Brodie, Zeus and Lisa, an affectionate friend to all who approached her, a reliably sweet, humorous and feisty presence in our household and an unwaveringly devoted companion to her dearly cherished adoptive dad.

She was also a dependable and endlessly energetic little ambassadog for Greyhound Pets, Inc., spending countless hours helping to raise awareness for her fellow retired brothers and sisters. People almost always fell for Suvi instantaneously, and we’re deeply proud to know she helped inspire others to form families as warm and caring as her own.

What we’ll miss the most about our Suvi, though, are the little things: the giddy leaps of excitement that occurred whenever the “W” word was mentioned. Dainty, carefree prances around the backyard. Those dark little eyes staring up in eternal optimism whenever cucumber was being sliced. The perpetual exasperation she expressed whenever keeping her comparatively less brilliant canine siblings in line. Her steadfast determination to always grabbing the bed closest to her daddy’s feet….

Throughout the years, we often joked that our home was Suvi’s world, and we all just lived in it. Words cannot express how much we wish that was still the case. However, we take solace in knowing her spirit will continue to burn brightly in those changed by her infectious good cheer and unconditional, beaming love.

Good night, sweet Suvi-Loo. And thank you.