Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Surrey "HC's Trisha "

"HC's Trisha "
November 9, 2002 - September 23, 2015

Dearly missed by Janice Kaplan-Klein and Les Klein

We adopted HC’s Trisha in May 2006, tag # 4555 and named her Surrey.
Left ear 16320 and right ear 112J

She was our third adoption from GPI.

We began in 1992 by adopting Togetherness – whom we named Miss Ellie. She raced until age 5 and a half at the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho track. Miss Ellie became a therapy dog, helping my father walk again after his stroke, comforting my mother, and visiting my friend Carol, who had a brain tumor. Miss Ellie placed her head under Carol’s hand for one last pat and Carol whispered “thank you” before dying. Miss Ellie was elegant, quiet, and knew just what to do. We had her 4 years before she barked the first time. Miss Ellie passed away at 13 years and 3 months.

Then we adopted Kiowa Fast Cate and named her Caitie. She came from the Tucson, AZ track. She was five years old, barked a lot, and loved to toss her purple monkey. While performing a dental cleaning, the veterinarian ruptured something, and Caitie died at age 10.

In 2006 we adopted HC’s Trisha, whom we named Surrey. She was 3 years old and part of her tail was missing. She was rambunctious at first, but settled into our life and our hearts. As she aged, she developed some diseases and was in much discomfort. She was almost 13 years old when her legs gave out and it was time to go.

Thank you GPI for 23 years of greyt companionship.

In memory of Surrey November 2002 – September 2015

She was a sweet and gentle girl and beloved member of our family.
Surrey ran her final race on September 23rd and crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Miss Ellie and Caitie.