Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Stu "EF's Quicknfast"

"EF's Quicknfast"
September 28, 1998 - April 19, 2008

Dearly missed by Karen and Pat Haster

 Stu, our big beautiful gentle boy lost his valiant fight with lymphoma at 1:00 pm on Saturday, April 19, 2008. He came into our lives in October, 2002 when he visited our home on Whidbey Island with Marchet Anschell, our good friend and his foster mom. Although he went back home that day (we were not looking to adopt another) with Marchet, fate had been set in motion that day. Within a very short time he was back on Whidbey in his forever home. Because he had touched such a special place in Marchet’s heart as well, Stu just had to be her God Son and Marchet took great care of him and spoiled him rotten whenever we had to be out of town!

He loved us all as much as we loved him. As his mom I must admit however that their was a unique relationship between Stu and his Dad … it was not hard to see and feel the special love they had for one another. Stu also loved his stuffies and would run and get them when we would return home and show off how well he could play with them! He also was our back yard guardian … Whether real or imagined he always made sure that the deer, squirrels and mice came no where near the back yard and was always so proud of himself at how well he achieved this.

We were with Stu in the comfort of our home as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We know that Bingo & Lasso, our greyts that have gone before, greeted him as he crossed and knowing this eases some of our pain.

Once again, as we said when Bingo and Lasso crossed over — the love we have shared during our brief time here on earth will be the love that enables us to know each other when once again we meet …

Dear Sweet Stu, until we meet again … Run Fast … Run Free … We know you are already having a great time with Bingo and Lasso!

Sweet Dreams … We Will Love You Always! Pat, Karen & Blues Haster and Marchet Anschell (Dad, Mom & Fur-Brother and God Mom)