Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Smeagol "EF's Rushinhome"

"EF's Rushinhome"
March 3, 1998 - June 28, 2010

Dearly missed by the Hochberger Family

 It is with heavy hearts that we had to say goodbye to our big boy Smeagol. We helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge where he will be free of the bone cancer that took him. What can one say of one that was truly “precious”. Despite is namesake however, he did not need to find his precious for he was our precious. A happy boy who always had a story or two to tell, some longer and louder than others, but each was amusing and pleasurable, as Moira can testify to. He was our walker, he never missed his morning constitutional. Smeagol even knew the word “walk” and would go to his leash if he heard it. We eventually resorted to not saying “walk” but instead “W” trying to disguise what we were saying, but, he knew all the same! He was our alpha but what a gentle leader. He helped bring Galadriel, his shy and very insecure sister, out of her shell. He would tolerate all of her silliness, even her pushing him aside for treats. He would just look over her at us with those big, beautiful, brown eyes and small sigh as if
to say “its ok. I can wait”.

Smeagol, we love you and miss you. It will be hard without our “precious”.

The Hochberger’s Randy, Karen, David, and Adam Galadriel, Angels greeting you, Elizabeth and Samwise