Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Shivers "Cold Shivers"

"Cold Shivers"
April 1, 1993 - December 1, 2005

Dearly missed by Rafael & Eileen Pardo

One summer day I was diving through Hollywood, Florida with my uncle and decided to stop at the Greyhound race track. I looked inside and saw these amazing dogs running on the track. At that time, I never thought I would be the owner of a Greyhound.

Years later, my job brought me to the Northwest, decades passed, and I found my wife. After newly being married, we decided to adopt a Grey. In October 2002, we met Shivers at the Greyhound PetFest in Monroe. From the moment we saw him we knew he was “our boy”. We all spent some alone time and fortunately realized the feelings were mutual.

We took him to our home in Renton where he settled in quickly. Soon after getting to know his personality – being so gentle and well mannered he became known as our “Gentle Giant”. His walk was that of a champion, and his gallop was that of a true and proud racer.

We would take him on long walks along the river’s edge, in the midst of the ducks and squirrels – oh how he loved to chase the ducks and squirrels (his eyes would light up and he’d beam with a smile). He was very fast and graceful and appeared to become a puppy all over again. He loved getting treats of ice cream and yogurt, as well as anything else we were willing to share with him.

He was soon joined by three more Greys to which he shared his last years. He had eyes like pearls and the look of a graceful and peaceful animal. He was our friend and our “Gentle Giant”.

To our Shivers, We will always love you, you will be missed and you will always have a special place in our hearts. May our paths meet once again in God’s country where we will all gallop together along the river’s edge and in rolling meadows.

Rafael & Eileen Pardo

P.S. Our thanks go out to Ed & Eddie Gutierrez for fostering him before he became our “Gentle Giant” and to MaryAnn & Jerry Marble for their sitting services and the great care they provided to our kids while we were away on vacation.