Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Sawyer "Hotfoot Sawyer"

"Hotfoot Sawyer"
January 26, 2010 - April 1, 2020

Dearly missed by David and Margaret Hudson

It’s been a year of remarkably painful losses to our pack, and in the glare of the pain of so many farewells, we neglected to properly memorialize the last of the pack to leave.

Our sweet Sawyer left for his next adventure, close on the heels of Leanne and TURBO!, on Tuesday, February Fourth. Sawyer brought many fears home with him after a 28 race career, and spent years learning to trust and love. That Irish firecracker Leanne is the one who finally showed him how to play, and when we lost her, we knew that he, too, had a mysterious shadow on the x-ray of his leg. Two months after we let Leanne run for the Bridge, Sawyer followed after her. We are comforted to think that the two playmates have re-united again as they await the rest of their pack.

We love you, Sawyer. Play well with your brother and sister TURBO! and Leanne, who all somehow sneaked away from us this year.

*Note: Sawyer is on the far left.