Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Sage "Party Girl"

"Party Girl"
May 18, 2003 - October 22, 2015

Dearly missed by Lynnette Husted

You came into our lives in April 2007, shortly after losing our first greyhound, Batman. I couldn’t bear the quiet household so off to GPI I went. Marchet had a sweet girl in foster that she thought would be a good fit since she was cat friendly. A gorgeous, aloof Party Girl was there at the kennel to greet us. She didn’t like to have her picture taken but was calm and cool and looked to be a good fit. One the way home she made herself at home in my car, like she was meant to be there. She mastered the dog door quickly and settled right in. Her new name Sage was established and she became my shadow – always in the room I was in and followed me everywhere. This was always entertaining when I would suddenly change my mind and have to deal with the traffic backup. Sage, aka pretzel girl could manage some amazing positions; oh to be so flexible!

After a few months I thought that you needed a companion (but we’ll just “foster”) and once again to GPI we went. I thought you would pick a fun boy but oh no, you had to time nor inclination for that. Boy after boy you said no until Amaretta the sweet timid girl came out. You both ignored each other so off with our foster girl we went. Foster became adoptee shortly because you two got along so well. Got along in that you were the boss and she did what you wanted. Any toy was yours first to play with and hoard then it was Amaretta’s turn (newly named Luna). We called you the fun police because Luna would get goofy and run around and you would scold her. Turns out you and Luna were aunt and niece.

Retirement was embraced with enthusiasm, you enjoyed your meals, your bed and short walks. Many commented on your calm demeanor and ability to perhaps be a therapy dog except for the fun police moments and snarky attitude that would arise from time to time. Never one to get on the furniture, even when invited (except that one time that you got up on the bed and rearranged everything). A lap dog only in the sense that you would tuck your head into the side of the chair or onto my lap. You liked to goose people with your cold wet nose and butt into conversations by walking up behind me and pushing your head between my knees so as not to be left out.

Ear scratches were a favorite and you wanted to be first scratched and longest although Luna learned to push back against buttinsky.

A guard dog in that you would always just stick your head out of the dog door to see who was approaching and determine if they were worth a greeting or a bark. If a greeting, then you had to grab a toy and shake it thoroughly to show your excitement.

You loved to show everyone your freckled belly and invite whomever to rub it…you weren’t shy.  You loved sunning yourself and your belly reflected the time of year based on the number and size of freckles.

You are missed my sweet girl

Lynnette Husted