Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Rose "Sweetclover Rose"

"Sweetclover Rose"
June 14, 1998 - January 18, 2007

Dearly missed by Cathy, Jack, Mike, Sam and Dan Munro

 We lost Rose too quickly, too traumatically and too sadly to Osteosarcoma. She was running in the yard doing what she loved most – running, when she suddenly and very painfully came to a stop.

Bothell Pet Hospital ran xrays and found a suspicious mass near the breaks. She broke both leg bones just above the wrist joint on her right leg. The radiologist called Bothell this morning with the bad news. Dr. Kovar called me and I rushed over to help her over the Bridge.

We lost Jae just 22 days ago to Osteo. I guess Rose missed her too much.

Rose used to “bay” in the middle of the night while dreaming which in turn got all the dogs a’roo-ing. I never got upset about being woken up to this wonderful call of the wild, unless it went on too long, then I’d try to quiet them all down. Fortunately, none of our family or neighbors ever complained about waking up in such a manner.

We used to play a game called, “Where’s Mike?” She’d go through the house until she found Mike then she got a treat from him. Mike’s taking her loss pretty hard.

We all are. Rosie, we love you and miss you. Give Jae our love before you challenge her to a race.