Rainbow Bridge Memorial


September 1, 2017 - September 15, 2017

Dearly missed by David Hudson and family

My Sweet Rocket left for the Bridge on Friday, September 15 th of 2017.

The day we met, Rocket knew he was meant to be my dog. He waited patiently to be the dog
who would go to live on my ship with me, and he excelled as the mascot of the MV Cape
Henry for four years. Rock greeted visitors, chased crew out of my office, and became a
fixture in his home port of Alameda, California. He developed a following in town and had
friends (and a bar tab) most everywhere he went. The humans in my life all came to
understand that any event where I might be found, Rocket would likewise be found.

No dog has ever given a fuller measure of devotion to his person. He will live in my heart