Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Reggie "System RG Reggie "

"System RG Reggie "
November 14, 1998 - May 7, 2012

Dearly missed by Austin & JoAnne Neithercut

Monday, May 7, 2012

Today, we lost an old friend. Reggie, my girl, we’re going to miss you. Your enthusiasm for the simple things in life, a charge around the yard, chasing Dora, or even putting up with the cat attacks and swats from Sam. Car rides you loved and especially the camping, and you travelled well.

You came to us at 6+, in March of 2005, and never once did you show your age, more that puppy wonder, and it took forever to get you to jump into the car, when you finally learned how, you were up on everything except the couches. The bed must have been your favorite, as you soon found out about that human creature comfort.
Reggie, you were a great companion for Dora, and I think even the cat, Sam, learned tolerance and respect from you.

I am going to miss your presence riding “shotgun” in the car, and your nose against my leg when driving in the motorhome. Did you ever love those rides! I’ll miss your loud greeting and your face at the door when I came home. The house seems empty now, your pads beside the bed and in front of the fireplace are vacant, your pond in the backyard is still, no sounds of splashing to be heard. The holes you dug in the backyard when you were especially pleased, are now waiting to be filled in.

Reggie, girl, good-bye, until we meet again.

Austin & JoAnne Neithercut