Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Red "Red Hotman"

"Red Hotman"
June 1, 2000 - December 21, 2012

Dearly missed by Cathy, Jack, Mike, Sam, Dan and Amanda Munro

Our sweet quirky Red, aka Redman (that name had to go) aka Red Hotman (not much better), tag #4091 went to the Rainbow Bridge today. He was 12 and a half years old. I realized today that other than Krystal and Omar, Red was the last tie to almost all of the greyhounds that have come through our home. Adopted dogs or foster dogs, he knew them all.

Sometime last month, Red started showing the effects of lumbosacral stenosis. He went to vet for a physical last month as a big strong senior male (ask Marchet, she saw him) and while there, he became so stressed, his rear started to sag. It was the first time he had a problem like that. Our vet gave him a depo-medrol injection in his spine and within two hours, he was up and walking. Two days later, he walked with us and the rest of our greyhounds with no problems whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the depo-medrol only lasted about 5 weeks. The next and last episode hit about 8pm Wednesday night. Since it was close to bedtime, we kept him quiet and took him to the vet early the next morning. Our vet gave him another injection but he never rallied. We sent him to the Bridge early this morning.

Red, our pup of 1,000 quirks didn’t like men at first, or nail trims or becoming confined by anything. If there wasn’t enough space between him, you and a wall, for instance, he would bolt for it. Not many people saw him because he wasn’t a good booth dog and events would have overwhelmed him. My husband had Dr Kovar in tears as she knew Red well when he said that it took us 3 years to coax Red out of his xpen. One step forward, two back. His xpen was his friend.

Red had to be sedated for nail trims. I told him that if he ever let me trim his nails, we would adopt him. When he turned 10, I cried “Uncle” and adopted him anyway. He had won that battle. Up to then, he probably broke the record for the longest time being fostered – 6 years.

In 2005, when we were less than 2 hours from leaving the house for a Paul McCartney concert, Red broke his leg. He really didn’t yelp so we weren’t sure at the time it was broken plus there was no swelling. He just wasn’t putting any weight on it. I spent a lot of time talking to him while he was back in his xpen. I told him that this was Paul freakin’ McCartney. Please talk to me and tell me what to do. I don’t mind missing the concert and taking you to the ER if GPI gives the OK but I need to know how badly you’re hurt. Needless to say, he didn’t talk to me. He seemed OK so we left for the concert. I spent most of the concert worried about Red so we left early. By morning, his leg was starting to swell so I called Marchet or Moira, I forget which, and we were off to the vet. When Dr Cleveland said that his leg was broken and he was concerned about osteosarcoma, my heart sank. Moira OK’d a bone biopsy which came back inconclusive. Thankfully, the break wasn’t from osteo. It was from Red being his usual wild child self outside. When Red was younger, he was one of the fastest greyhounds I’ve ever seen. He loved to run. When he ran, he was happy. We never knew what really happened but no doubt, he had run into something in our backyard when he broke his leg.

Red became very comfortable here once he had more confidence. I will never forget the way he would cuddle with all of us on our couches, trying to find the best niche to tuck his nose in. He loved our walks and never met a dog he didn’t like which made our walks so enjoyable. He would occasionally forget himself and toss a toy up in the air then decide that was enough then promptly lay down. Red loved it when our son, Mike would roll his knuckle around in his ears. Red would loudly groan in absolute ecstasy. It was quite amusing.
As my husband just said through his tears, we spent all those years and effort developing his trust. Though we didn’t breach it, it simply ended and there was nothing we could do about it.

We love you, Red. This Christmas won’t be the same without you.
Mom, “Daddy’s Home!”, Mike, Sam, Dan and Amanda
Pups – Slim, Volt, Jezzebel and Scooter with foster, Radar
At the Bridge, we hope you’ll meet Omar, Krystal and Keemo.
Run with Time, Rose, Jae, Joey, Lil Bit, Bailey, Winnie, Benny and Spooky