Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Rave "Rave On"

"Rave On"
October 29, 1995 - February 20, 2007

Dearly missed by Rachelle and David Woodcook

 Rave was our third Greyhound. At 42 lbs she was skinny and despite having a bath or two at the Idaho kennel was filthy with news print. We took her home, cleaned her up and life with “Rave Dog” began. I’d say that in both mind and body the poor girl was a “basket case”. I have no idea how we made it through the first months with her. She had separation anxiety so bad that she would bark constantly, dig, chew and potty in her crate when we were gone for even the shortest amount of time.

It wasn’t long before her weight was up to 62 lbs. her coat was shiny and she was the beautiful little girl that I knew was under all the muck. I’m amazed at how with love, kindness, understanding and a LOT of patience Rave became the dog she was when she passed away. She was a good dog, always happy, always ready to go for a walk, loved dinner time and her treats.

Rave loved Halloween! Every time the doorbell rang she would run to the door barking her most scary bark at the children who came for candy. I’ll never forget the way she liked to lay “off” her bed, body on the floor, legs on the bed. Over the years she had a lot of toys but she was most fond of “her” ball. This was her first ball and her only as far as she was concerned. She had other balls that were exactly like “her” ball but she preferred that one ball. You could throw another ball and if it wasn’t “hers” she wouldn’t even pick it up. After nearly ten years it was ratty, had pieces missing and the squeaker had long ago been removed but it was “her” ball.

I don’t know quite how or why but for some reason she made us feel like she thought we didn’t love her as much as the other dogs in the house. We loved her as much as any other and she’ll forever be missed.

Momma loves you Rave Dog. Be a good girl and go find Cookie. She’ll show you all about the Rainbow Bridge, introduce you to Amy and keep you company until we all meet again. And I’ll bring your ratty old ball with me and we’ll play a good ol’ game of fetch, I promise.