Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Pufne " Ellias"

" Ellias"
April 1, 1996 - October 21, 2007

Dearly missed by everyone at GPI

Pufne and his housemate, Letka were returned to GPI because their owners went into a nursing home. Sadly, Pufne passed away while in GPI’s care before he could be rehomed. Pufne became close to several of our volunteers during his short time with us. Here are their tributes.

Moira Corrigan, President
Moira and Mike Corrigan, Pufne’s foster parents:

What a dear sweet boy! This gentle sweetheart came into our home as a foster dog on October 1, 2007. We were so enamored with this boy that we were considering adopting him. But sadly it was not to be. Pufne passed to the Rainbow Bridge on October 17. We will always remember his darling ears that flopped forward most of the time and his gentle ways. His time with us was short, but his memory goes on forever in our hearts.

Foster Mom and Dad – Moira and Mike Corrigan

Coventry Jankowski, GPI volunteer:

I have heard it said that dogs give us a piece of their hearts when then leave us, eventually making our hearts full unconditional acceptance and love.

Pufne was not a dog I was fortunate to spend much time with, but when I was around him, I was greatly effected by his wise, kind and peaceful spirit. I came to look forward to the moments I would see him at the kennel. When I heard of his passing, I knew that a piece of him was with me – that he was watching me with joy and satisfaction from the bridge. My faith in that makes me want to be a better person and work harder to help more like him find homes.

Thank you for your heart, I miss you, Pufne.