Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Penny "WR's Penny"

"WR's Penny"
December 24, 1999 - April 14, 2007

Dearly missed by Margaret, Grant, Gregory, Courtney, Kelly and Joe

 You were brought into our lives on Aug 18, 2003 and oh what a joy you were. You stole my heart immediately. I loved the way you looked at me with those big brown eyes and the one ear up and the other hooked. I loved the way you used to haul stuffies around the house, and you playing with your squeaky soccer ball in the middle of the night. Our walks were special as you trotted with a big hooky tail and we would stop for belly rubs and Mommy would ask for Penny kisses. Your kisses will be missed, the way you talked to me when I had been out too long, the way you took your treats and trotted down the hall happy as could be. It feels empty without your moaning when you wanted attention. I’m filled with memories of special moments with you. You were taken far too soon. May you run free with no more pain. We will meet again someday across the Rainbow Bridge.

Margaret, Grant, Gregory, Courtney and from your Greyt Pals…Kelly and Joe.
Calgary, Alberta