Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Peabody "HD's Peabody"

"HD's Peabody"
March 1, 1991 - August 8, 2004

Dearly missed by Jennie Sheriff

From Kristine Kamp-Adante: Peabody, who turned 13 on Friday crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. He was a greyt old gent that had been returned and not in the best of health at the time of his return. He had a seizure condition as well as arthritis in his hips, and was suffering from depression. Not many expected Peabody to make it too long on the road of life given his medical problems. Jennie adopted him knowing she may have a little time with him or a longer time with him. No matter how it turned out she wanted him to know he was loved and in his forever home.

Peabody’s health improved dramatically under Jennie’s care…he only had one siezure after his adoption and along with supplements, and care that can only come from a person with a very large heart….his depression went away…..and he even made regular puppy like romps around the yard. The last few days he suddenly declined, and could barely stand without falling over…..with his pain getting more and more intense he let Jennie know it was time to let him go.

Annie (formerly known as Granny) went with Peabody and Jennie for that last car ride to the vets office. Annie laid next to Peabody who was wrapped in his favorite bed quilt as he peacefully went on to cross the Rainbow Bridge.