Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Ozzie "Formerly known as Sir"

"Formerly known as Sir"
February 22, 2002 - November 1, 2008

Dearly missed by Julie & Kelly Cameron

 We lost our big, sweet boy, Ozzie this month to an aggressive bone cancer. Ozzie never had a racing career due to a deformed toe and only one ear (curtesy of his Mother). All the better for us, because he came into our life before the age of 2. Still we only had him for such a short time, but we wouldn’t have traded it for a minute. Ozzie was always a very laid back boy, he passed his cat test by licking her on the top of her head. He was roaching at his first booths. Everyone that met Ozzie, loved him. We are sure going to miss our kind, fun loving boy.

Julie & Kelly Cameron