Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Oliver "Pandering "

"Pandering "
June 13, 2006 - July 25, 2018

Dearly missed by Kim Newsom

Yesterday I said goodbye to my boy Oliver. He started limping and it wasn’t
getting any better. The x-rays confirmed my worst fear, osteosarcoma. He went
very peacefully thanks to Dr. Shannon Smith and Bothell Pet Hospital. They
took such greyt care of my boy.

Oliver came to GPI in 2008 after only 4 races. His kennel name was Fonzy and
his racing name was Pandering. He was adopted in 2008 (approximately) and
named Moose. He came back to GPI in approximately 2011 and adopted again and
named Oliver. He then came back to GPI in 2014. That’s when he caught my eye
and I decided to foster him. My first greyhound, Rhysbe, was in need of a
buddy. Not quite a month later, I failed fostering him and made him an
official member of my family.

He was a mamma’s boy and followed me everywhere. After he’d go outside and
do his big business, he’d be so proud of himself, that he’d do zoomies in
my little living room. He was a greyt ambassadog for GPI and the greyhounds at
all the GPI booths he went to.

I miss him so much but I am happy that he is pain free and running like the
wind now.

Love you Oliver. Run free my sweet bear-bear.