Rainbow Bridge Memorial


May 16, 2003 - December 31, 2009

Dearly missed by Lynn and Les Hodges
and all of the GPI Family

 The precious Odin walked into our lives last summer when we saw him and his brother Atlas for the first time during turnout at the kennel. What was so amazing about these two, aside from Atlas’ size, was their personalities. Both were eager to be loved, tails wagging, and excited to see us. But when they sat down on their hindquarters and looked up at you with those adoring eyes…well it was love at first sight.

And speaking of eyes, Odin’s beautiful brown eyes with the perfect eyeliner sparkled each time we gazed into them. The sweetness he expressed melted many a heart. When we would reach down and pat that delicate head of his, rub the ears a bit, and scratch his neck, he cracked a smile and would slowly bat those beauties to say that he was the happiest guy in the world.

Odin was smaller than his brother but very much in charge. We deemed him President and CEO of the corporation and he explained to Atlas that there were things that were HIS responsibility and he would take care of them. Like protecting the home from any invasion, whether it be a deer that passed through the valley below, the coyotes that sang in the night, or the leaf that rode a wave of wind in front of him. The petting of heads was done with Odin closest to the hand, he was to get the food first, and doorways meant he was in the lead. All this was perfectly fine for brother Atlas. He knew his brother loved him and just wanted to hang with him, as if Atlas was the wingman.

When it came to playing, no two could do it like these two! With tails up, the chasing begins. There is a pine tree that Odin loved to hide behind, thinking Atlas couldn’t see him. He would tease Atlas by inching out from under it and then dart back. After this cat and mouse routine a few times, Atlas would think that Odin wasn’t coming out and he would relax his stance. Then all of a sudden Odin would dart out to run like mad to the other side all while Atlas was trying to crank up the legs to catch him! Odin won that game over and over and you could just see the joy on his face.

What was most remarkable about this wonderful being was his caring for not only his brother, but of us. It was so important for him to protect all of us. We could never be out of his sight when we were home. That meant he would exhaust himself following us from room to room if there was any activity going on (i.e.: housework!). If one of us said “ouch”, he was right there to sniff and lick whatever wound we suffered. And the sweetest of all behaviors that said he cared was his draping his body over yours in bed, head on your stomach, and his legs over yours and crossed. And that heavy sigh of satisfaction that he was so proud to be our hero…

And that he is. He braved his cancer like a champ. Even on his last day, he still went for a walk, even though he had to tell me we should cut it short. We will miss this kind-hearted pooch in such a special way. We fell in love so quickly and grew so close in such a short amount of time. He was with us for only 10 weeks. But it was 10 weeks of bliss….