Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Neil "Tell Me Neil"

"Tell Me Neil"
May 19, 2010 - March 6, 2018

Dearly missed by all GPI volunteers especially Rita

Those of you that volunteer at the kennel know Neil.  It is with great
sadness that I need to tell you that Neil has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Neil was the boy that had his spleen removed in December due to a burst
hemangiosarcoma (a very aggressive cancer).  He had not seemed quite right
on Sunday, so we suspected that his cancer was advancing.

I received a call this evening from our very observant Kennel Techs saying
that Neil was dry heaving.  He then started spitting up white foam.  Our
wonderful Mary Gibbons was able to get him to the emergency vet very
quickly.  Rita Laws was able to meet them at the emergency vet.  The vet
confirmed that Neil had bloated.  They were able to ease his pain and send
him to the Bridge.

Thank you  to our wonderful Kennel Techs, Taylor and Maggie, for noticing
so quickly that Neil was not well and calling me.  Thank you Mary for
getting Neil to the vet so quickly.  And thank you Mary and Rita for being
with Neil as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Run free you big lug.

I am lighting a candle tonight to light his way.

Hug your pups.