Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Moto "Atascocita Moto"

"Atascocita Moto"
September 13, 2009 - March 16, 2019

Dearly missed by Adam, Abbie, Alisa, Debbie and Matthew

We had to let our beloved Moto, cross over to the Rainbow Bridge Saturday. Moto blessed us with several years of love, excitement, joy, and a new awareness of his breed. We were honored that Moto adopt us in October 2013. He quickly developed many additional names with his swagger and gentle nature; Moto Tron, Moto Baggins, Mojo, Momo, Big Heavy, Big Smooth to name a few. He was our first Greyhound Rescue and with that brought a new mindfulness of the racing industries, its horrors, and the loving nature of the breed. Moto was so mentally strong, gentle lover, and caring, but his body was not so strong. For he suffered from many injuries/ailments that were all related and traced to his racing past. He first suffered from a major foot breakage that required surgical repair and a bone graph. After that, the pin and screws that were required for repairing his foot, became infected and once again, required another surgery to remove them. Shortly after, he developed a large swelling in his front foot, that required medical treatment and were also told could have been a cancerous tumor. Turned out not to be, but still took several months for him to recover. Then a few months later, Moto suddenly started having seizures. He was then treated medically with a prescription and was able to be seizure free for many months. Then, he suddenly tore is ACL and once again had to be treated with medications to control the pain, swelling and aid with the healing. Finally, after a few months of what seemed like his ACL not healing, we took him back in to find another solution to help with that ACL. The doctor took the x-ray and that’s when we found that the ACL was now fine, but that osteosarcoma had developed just above his knee, on the same leg. His cancer grew so rapidly, we could hardly treat his pain, non-the-less slow the growth. His last night, him and I slept side by side, both knowing we couldn’t continue to go this way, but knew that love was known and shared between us. Everyone always committed how sweet he was, easy going, such an easy patient (from ALL the vets and he had a few), and just how big he was, for a greyhound. Which is why, we kept his racing name, because it just seemed to fit him. Our hearts ache, but our love for him will go on forever. He is survived by his Greyhound sister Jacqui (Project Inch) South Korea adoption) and his human family; Adam, Abbie, Alisa, Debbie and Matthew.