Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Mollie "PF Nofuss Nomuss"

"PF Nofuss Nomuss"
September 21, 1998 - April 23, 2009

Dearly missed by Jennie

 She was two years old when she came to me, this tiny and timid little brindle girl. She was trembling and anxious. Immediately I felt protective of my Mollie girl. Her little pink muzzle had a piece of tape adhered to it with the name “Muffy” written on it in black marker. We both knew that name was just wrong on so many levels. Mollie was gentle and sweet, much too refined to ever be “˜Muffy”. “Muffy” sounds like a stripper, after all!

For a full year Mollie was terrified of all men and the same for women other than myself for the first six months we were together. Over the years, I must admit, Mollie didn’t really care for many people beyond her own mom (i.e., me). After the first year she stopped hiding behind me when other people were about; instead, she would turn up her little nose and leave the room until they were gone. She was opinionated and very stingy with her affections – few ever got to know the real Mollie. She was quite comical and she had a heart as big as the Rockies. She was my side-kick and my buddy. In return, I was honored to be her mom and her person.

Mollie survived Moses, Cash, Peabody, Ben, Annie and Cammie. I honestly expected Mollie to live to be 15-16 years old. She was spry and energetic, a happy girl. Over the last year of her life she developed a spinal problem that finally became just too much. Mollie passed away at home, taking off for the Rainbow Bridge on April 23, 2009 at 1:21 a.m. with Noah and I were by her side.
Mollie was special, she was gentle, beautiful, the resident princess royale – she was also a bit of a snob…and I miss her with all my heart!

So, run free and without pain my tiny girl, knowing you are loved and missed so deeply. Thank you for enriching my life and being my Mollie Girl. We’ll meet again.