Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Mojo "Hallo Ironman"

"Hallo Ironman"
May 15, 1997 - July 31, 2010

Dearly missed by Dan Hanley

 On Thursday, my first Greyhound adoption, Lil’ Baby Mojo went outside for a break. After 10 minutes I whistled for him to come in. He didn’t come running, so I stepped out and saw him sitting down at the far end of the yard. I went to him and he was calmly sitting. I gave his collar a little tug, but he couldn’t stand. I picked him up and carried him in. Once inside, I set him down and his hind legs colapsed. The next morning he was off to see the Vet. Testing revealed failing kidneys and cancer. His brain no longer communicating with his hind legs, I tearfully took my baby boy home for what I knew was a night of goodbyes. On Saturday Morning I gave him a small scoop of ice cream and sat with him and massaged his legs and back and rubbed his neck and ear rubs. Shortly before noon I carried Mo-Mo to the car and Dingo, Mojo and I took the very long drive just a few blocks to the Vet. Mojo was very sweet, calm and extraordinarily peaceful. His final moments mirrored his life… sweet, calm and peaceful.

A special thank you to Northwest Veterinary, Dr. Steve and staff for their compassionate care and treatment of Mojo.

Mojo gave me 10 plus wonderful years, where he taught me so much more than I could’ve ever taught him. He is now reunited with Pokey (April, 2005) at the Rainbow Bridge and he will be dearly missed and never ever forgotten. Goodbye, my very special friend.

Dan Hanley
Stanwood, WA