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Melody "Dea's Wild Note"

"Dea's Wild Note"
March 22, 1995 - October 23, 2007

Dearly missed by Owen Hamel, Leah Rose and Kasdin Hamel.

We met Melody at a pet store on October 12th, 2003, and when we approached her she leaned on us and stole our hearts. We adopted her a week later on October 19th at the Greyhound Fest in Monroe. She had been returned by her former owners, but she became very quickly attached to us and us to her.

Melody was a big talker and whenever we returned home she would howl loudly in her happiness to see us. She loved to run loops in the nearby field, and long slow walks sniffing everything she could. As she aged, she ran less and sniffed more.

She wanted to be wherever we were and loved her treats and pets. She accepted the changes that came with the birth of our daughter who is now nearly three, and was sweet with her as she grew

Melody was diagnosed with bone cancer in August, and we had to put our sweet dog to rest .on October 23rd.