Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Megan "Rapido Dugan"

"Rapido Dugan"
May 10, 1997 - March 12, 2009


With sadness we said goodbye to our beloved greyhound, Megan. She was almost 12 years old. These past 6 months, Megan went often to our vet. She was recently put on hormone for incontinence, had to have cooked rice/chicken for digestion, and had frequent memory lapses. Between failing hind legs, seizures/strokes, Cognitive Dysfunctional Episodes, an untreatable bladder infections, intestinal issues, and possible cancer, Megan’s quality of life had diminished considerably from her former spunky, athletic self. After a major seizure/stroke last Tuesday, our greyt was “out of sorts.”

Then on Thursday morning, our sight hound’s eyes were half alert. She didn’t purr her usual responses to my strokes. I sensed this might be her day of departure. Recently, Megan went out to her “dig sites.”  That morning was no exception, subsequently wandering around the kitchen with four muddy paws! Later, we got ready for a walk, and her hind legs slipped on the kitchen floor getting stuck doing the splits. With assistance, she was up, shaking, yet was eager to walk up to the cul-de-sac! Megan and Archie were greeted by two neighbor boys unbeknownst they would be her last child pets, warming their cold fingers under her coat.

Dinner was eaten too ravenously. Then, appearing like she couldn’t “see” me began eating the other pets’ meals! She couldn’t “see” the beef tidbits I was holding–thought my other hand had food. Megan “told me” things were not right when she began to pant and walk in constant counter-clockwise circles. Not lying down but once, she cried. I brushed her and tried to comfort her distress. Her circles and panting continued for two hours both in/outdoors walking right over both Tommy and Archie as if they didn’t exist. Ironically, during this time, she ran a few solo laps and a few with Archie like she knew they were her last! Then Megan would lean against me or walk into furniture. She seemed very confused.

Two weeks ago, Megan easily did our 2 mile walks but by Thursday, was unable to comprehend on where or how to get into the van without my help! We met Brian at Petcare Hospital at 6:30pm. It was suspected she might have been suffering depth perception and severe Cognitive Dysfunction from a probable stroke. Our devoted and loving vet, Doug Frazier, was empathetic to Megan’s needs and our wishes. Hugging her, he was sniffling too, as he has bonded and seen her through some hard times. I stayed at the vet’s with Megan, consoling her while walking her in the grassy backyard. By 7:40 Meg ate half a biscuit with water – her last bedtime snack. Meanwhile, Brian picked Chloe up from U.W. so she could be there with us for Meg’s final minutes. At 8:10 we held our Megan saying our goodbyes. Archie was waiting in the van all this time. We brought him in so he would know his Sister was laid to rest. (Animals cope better when they realize their animal family member is dead instead of just disappearing.) I continued to
hold, pet, and talk with Megan. Bye lovely dear greyt.

Her ashes will be spread around the vet’s neighboring Apple Orchard. I can see our happy greyhound enjoying laps around those fruit trees.

We have been blessed with 10 loving years with our Megan. Albeit difficult, this was the humane decision considering her debilitating condition. We are sad but relieved she is in comfort. Megan had a good long “retired” life and will remain in our hearts. Our Greyt will be remembered.

Without his sister on our walks, Archie is now our solo sight hound. Tom and Archie still share kisses and steal the others’ food, needing our love and playtime. They will be our solace in the loss of our beloved first family dog.
We love you Megan. ~~~Michele, Brian, Elspeth, and Chloe Williams

Remembering Megan
Our beautiful Bengal brindle greyt
With listing tail,
Leaping hellos
Plucking fluff from dainty dandelion;
Sitting between daughters
Dear two year old
Megan on May Day
With smiling face.
Windows to nose,
Stairs to meet,
“Leave it”
to Tom & Jeri
(the cat and rat);
Gentle, velvet soft
And so sweet
Learned Sit, Stay, Shake,
Down and Dance for a treat.
Our rodeo dancer,
Throwing toy up high,
Thunder lapping
8 figure 8s
Around the plum trees.
Hugging Baseball-hatted men!
(track trainer memory way back when?)
No sniffing dogs please!
Ghost whimpering sleeps,
and pet-purring days,
one-time woof
at silent deer…
Then Brother Archie,
whippet pup,
teaching old dog new tricks:
Hark! Hark!
To cats, creatures,
And to all our comings;
Frenzy at fence
at “Squirrel” command.

Whining on military clockwork
for meals made,
Bring on the broccoli,
(but hold your noses)
Pricked ears:

Peanut Butter jar
Held so dear,
Sun happy,
with anteater tongue.
Let’s Go!
Backseat Babe,
Windows bingo-dotted,
Leg loose and tongue happy,
See me in the rear view mirror?
Forest hikes,
Centennial trail,
Trotting two-mile walks
Add grass grazing stalls
Belly skimming
In cool lake water;
Solo Racer and
Partner round-up circles,
Lying on living room floor.

Bang! Boom!
Fireworks fourth
Goes on for days…
Fearful fazed-
Drug comfort
with music under heard,
…now peaceful-
safe to go outside.
Happy tail swing
Greet and meet,
Where’s the butter?
There’re the chips!
Let me sample the dip–
Lying soundlessly
Among our circle of chatter.
Mosquito target,
Nose drip, drips,
Wetting our faces
While in our bags,
No sleep,
No comfort
Put me back in the “Van” Hotel!

Grade school ambassador
Children’s softness
In your soft;
Brave greyt
Surviving vicious
Pit Bull bites,
“Doug” Whisperer
Savior vet,
Mascot Megan,
Changing county dog laws:
Our Heroine in the Herald.

It’s Snow!
Let’s Go!
Coats on – tails flag;
Jubilant flight,
Like reindeer racing
In frozen white.

Mischievous Meg:
Sneak a tissue, shred,
Or “unmentionable” dread.
Lie on sofa or comfy bed,
Fluff blankets off
And scratch the sofa raw,
Or dig roots bare,
Make prints of muddy paw.
Then chew on bone
Or gifted paper tube,
And smile…
While performing
On-back ballet.

Flying and free
My dessert dog
Creating sand calligraphy
Leaping waves in poetry,
Sand panting and
Eyeing Archie,
For another and another and another,

Time changes all,
As it must,
Life ages,
But our love we trust,
We applaud your laps of life
Teaching us
Your oldest ancient breed;
God speed,
Dog speed—
Oh precious one,
Over Rainbow’s Bridge
To the brighter side of sun.

~In loving memory,
By Michele Williams

We will remember you, Megan~~~
May 10, 1997 to March 12, 2009
Brian, Michele, Elspeth, and Chloe Williams & Archie and Tommy