Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Megan "TD's Megan "

"TD's Megan "
August 1, 1996 - November 14, 2005

Dearly missed by Debbie Benedetto, Bee and family

We brought Megan home in mid January to foster. The adoption was final on March 30th. Her birthday was August 1, 1996. She was 9 years, 3 months and 13 days old. The first signs of her limping were November 2, 2005. I did not want her to suffer any pain. It was a Monday, a beautiful Autumn day when she went to the Bridge. Dr. Cleveland at Bothell Pet Hospital and his wonderful staff sent her off on November 14, 2005

What I loved about my Meg is that she was a little pleaser. She and Bee were a perfect match. They could just be themselves. No one was the leader, the alpha, they were both equal but very different. What I loved was Bee would always want Meg to romp with her to play usually in the morning. Bee would go to extremes to make this known. After watching Bee, Meg would decide if she wanted to participate. Usually, she would. They would play racetrack in the backyard. John would leave this gate propped open so they had their track laid out. However it involved going through the rose bushes. Surprisingly enough, no one ever caught a thorn. They were moving pretty fast. But then me (Mom) put up a small white fence section (1ft high) which they could have easily knocked over, but they didn’t know that. I would always root for Meg, she was always on Bee’s heels. Bee would turn her head, always keeping an eye on her sister, but always out in front. That was OK with Meg. Meg got smart and would wait a section of their track and catch Bee on the return. It was great to watch! How smart my Meg was.

John and I would go out and toss the toys in the yard, to play fetch. Bee would run to the toy along with Meg, but Bee always let Meg fetch the toy, but the whole time Bee would bark at Meg. Meg would then return the toy to throw again & again.

Meg loved the water. We would take them to the Colorado River, at our home in Bullhead City, Arizona. Meg would go right for the water, pulling me right along. The girls traveled with us on business trips. They always watched out for one another. They were sisters in every sense.

They would bark face to face both of them through the fence at the neighbor’s dog and then they would chase the neighbor dog up and down the fence. They had their own fun. Meg loved watching the Animal Planet, channel 43. She actually watched TV. Meg did teach Bee a few bad habits. Meg loved to chew plastic and Kleenex boxes. She also taught Bee how to dig big time in the yard. Oh, how I miss my Meg. Thank you God for Meg!

John referred to them as his girls. He was the one who looked after them and their needs the most. They sure miss him and their number one playmate. It was said that “John needed one of his girls with him.” They are together now, John & Meg. My family of 4 just in July at the river is now 2. Bee however is out right now running the fence with the neighbor dog.

I am glad for the time Meg spent with us. We gave her a wonderful loving home. She gave to us so much love and companionship especially for her sister Bee.

Cathy, thank you so much for being there on Monday. You helped me with a very hard decision. Thank you, Marchet for referring me to Dr. Cleveland and his staff, they were very compassionate. Cathy, thank you for putting this on the Rainbow Bridge memory page. Meg will be in our hearts.

Debbie and Bee