Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Matt "DJ's Matt"

"DJ's Matt"
May 12, 1994 - July 21, 2006

Dearly missed by Michael and Michele Rockwell

Matt worked his way right into our hearts and whatever he wanted, he got…well, except for chicken, beef, pork, lamb, venison, turkey…. Matt was also my shadow and followed me everywhere. We called it the “mommy rule” (Matt must be able to see mommy at all times). It came in handy though as I never had to worry about washing myself down the shower drain or flushing myself down the toilet since Matt was always there to save me.

Other than following me around, Matt’s joys were eating (despite all his allergies) and napping (usually in the most inconvenient locations). Matt *needed* a cookie each morning much like some people *need* coffee to get them started. He just couldn’t do anything except stand and stare until he got that cookie. Of course, he also tried to tell us that he *needed* cookies many other times throughout the day! Matt also had an affinity for plastic, batteries, and markers/pens. I can’t tell you how many remote controls we went through (after all, they have plastic AND batteries). And, who would have thought that people without children would know all the tips on how to get permanent magic marker stains off carpet?! Rubbing alcohol takes it right out, by the way.

When Matt laid down, he only moved when he was good and ready. He was such an obedient dog except for that. He wouldn’t even move for the vacuum cleaner. This proved to be quite a challenge when we had the carpets professionally steam cleaned! We don’t think that Matt was ever allowed on the furniture before he came to live with us since it took him almost a year to finally lay on our bed. Once he did though we couldn’t get him to move! Telling him to get down would result in Matt getting up, turning about half a turn, and then plopping back down right there on the bed, with a grumble of course, before we could blink an eye!

There is an empty space in our home now but not in our hearts. We know that Matt is running pain free at the bridge waiting for us. On second thought, since this is Matt we’re talking about, he’s probably there eating chicken and beef to his heart’s content and napping!

– Michael and Michele Rockwell