Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Maggie "CJ's Spirit Girl"

"CJ's Spirit Girl"
November 9, 1998 - March 4, 2009

Dearly missed by Michael and Colleen Gonzales and family

Last night there was a new star in the sky and the light in our house was a little dimmer. Yesterday morning, with aching hearts and tears in our eyes, we had to send our sweet Maggie, to the Rainbow Bridge. Poor Michael, Maggie was his ‘Heart Dog’ and he is just devastated. We miss our darling girl so much but we know that she is now pain free and running with Tall (who went to the Bridge in 2001).

We had her for 7 wonderful years, but she was only 10 years old…and we wanted to spend much more time with her.

Her illness came on so quickly, we took her to the Vet because her heart seemed to be beating a little ‘funny’ (I could feel it when I hugged her) plus she seemed listless, wasn’t eating like usual & drinking a lot of water. The Vet confirmed that she had a heart arrhythmia but she also felt a mass in her abdomen. After an ultrasound the Vet told us that the mass was in her spleen, they aspirated it and sent a sample out to be tested. Maggie pretty much stopped eating, wanted to sleep all the time & drink water (but sweet girl always let us know when she had to go potty). The test on the mass came back as a possible infection, the Vet prescribed antibiotics – Maggie would be sick after we gave them to her and stopped eating period, she was in obvious pain. As the Vet said, we were “between a rock and a hard place”, plus he said that he was sure the mass was more than an infection but because of her heart he didn’t want to do any exploratory surgery.

Sadly, she was just going down hill so fast because she no longer wanted to eat and could hardly walk. We couldn’t let her suffer any longer.

We love you Maggie – Daddy’s Maggers…Mommy’s Magpie.

‘Sister’ to Ramsey (our other greyhound) and Scout (our little Chihuahua/Peke mix).

Michael & Colleen