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Maggie "Malikki Strike"

"Malikki Strike"
October 20, 1990 - February 23, 2006

Dearly missed by Robin James

Maggie was almost 15 and a half years old
by Robin James
The phone call from my mobile veterinarian came on a Wednesday.
“Don’t you guys take greyhounds back when someone cannot keep them?” She asked.

“Yes, we do” I said.

Well, that was the beginning. The two senior greyhounds were slated for euthanasia because the couple could no longer keep them. When I called, the people explained the circumstances to me and I said I would be there Saturday to pick them up.

They signed a release form and I took Maggie and Ethyl home with the intent to foster them until GPI found a suitable home for both of them together.

However….when I put the pieces together and realized this was the Maggie I had known from years before, I changed my mind. I adopted them both. They were eleven years old when I brought them home in March of 2002, and unfortunately, Ethyl became very ill and was diagnosed with advanced intestinal cancer and only lived a couple of weeks.

Here is Maggie’s story. . .

I first met her in 1995, during the adoption process of Mary, my first greyhound.

She happened to be one of several other greyhounds who lived in the household in which Mary was fostered.

During the first few years I had Mary, I often saw Maggie at booths, at GPI events, and occasionally at other volunteers homes when we got together. She was quite a “celebrity” in the GPI group. Everyone seemed to know Maggie – better known as “Princess”. In fact I even took pictures of her wearing her then recognizable red collar with rhinestones on it for a portrait.

Then a few more years went by and life had it’s twists and turns and pretty soon we didn’t see Maggie anymore.

Well, I’m certainly glad that I got that phone call on a Wednesday in March of 2002.

Maggie, (registered name Malikki Strike – left ear: 89454 right ear: 100C – GPI tag no. 0899) was born October 20, 1990, third of eight in the litter, raced in California and Idaho, was released to GPI Nov. 4, 1993, fostered by a family who described her as gentle and sensitive, adopted and fostered two more times and finally, finally found her way to me. How lucky am I?

Each one of our greyhounds has a story. It may be long, it may be short, it may have many twists an turns. Today is Maggie’s 15th birthday. She is an adorable, frail old girl with only one tooth, yet with the dignified, elegant demeanor of Kathryn Hepburn. Whatever time she has left on earth, she will always have plenty of pillows to cradle her old bones, and as long as she still wants it, a fresh farm chicken egg every morning.

I love you Maggie,