Rainbow Bridge Memorial


June 1, 2016 - June 17, 2018

Dearly missed by Lauren and Alex

My husband, Alex, and I knew that we wanted to adopt Lupin, then known as Bruin, as soon as we saw his profile on Greyhound Pets Inc.’s website.  When we met Lupin for the first time, he greeted us with such energy and life.  He jumped right onto my husband’s lap and proved to us immediately that he would soon become more than just our dog – he would become our son and our family.  We brought Lupin home to Pullman, Washington where I am currently attending veterinary school at WSU.  Within no time, he was snuggling on the couch with our cat, Davos, and Davos even started to groom him!  He loved his little brother.  We took him on many walks in the local park, where he zoomed around (as greyhounds do) in the fall leaves.  He loved the snow – it made him extra frisky, and if we even breathed the word “park,” he would start happy-dancing and immediately knew where to go.  I would run 2 miles with him every other day, to get us both outside and active.  He pushed me to be a better version of myself.  I brought him to veterinary school with me to introduce him to my instructors and classmates and he was an immediate class favorite.  He was always so well behaved and loved all of the attention – he knew he was beautiful!  When he had difficulties with separation anxiety, we registered Lupin for doggie training classes.  He graduated after 8 weeks at the very top of his class.  He could do sit, down, stay, shake, you name it!  He truly was the best boy.  He went on snowy hikes with me, Alex, our friends and their dogs and he even made some doggie friends of his own!  When it was time to relax, he never missed an opportunity to be close to my husband and I.  When Alex would work from home, Lupin would watch him work and sleep on the futon in our office.  Lupin loved keeping Alex company whenever he worked from home, and they developed a routine together.  They’d go out on early and late afternoon walks, to the park, and they’d snuggle on the couch at lunch time.  They were best buds in no time.  When I would study, Lupin would lay his head on my lap.  He always wanted to be close to his mom and dad.  We took him on road trips back to the west side of the state, where he would run around to his hearts’ content in my mom’s backyard.  My husband and I were so excited to have Lupin be a special part of our wedding day in June, because he was already so influential in our lives after such a short period of time.  While my husband and I were out of town five days before our wedding, Lupin was staying with my mother and was playing in her tall fenced yard, when he got out and was tragically hit by a car.  My mother called Alex and I in tears but said that there was nothing she could do.  That was by far the very worst day of my life.  We lost our special boy, but we gained an angel.  At our wedding ceremony five days later, we left an empty seat in the front row of our ceremony, where we placed Lupin’s collar.  He will always be our boy and he will watch over our family and our marriage for the rest of our lives.  We are so grateful every day for the love and joy that Lupin brought into our lives and we think about him every single day. Thank you so much to Greyhound Pets Inc. for bringing such a wonderful angel into our lives.  We are eternally grateful.