Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Luna "Nitro Amaretta"

"Nitro Amaretta"
July 4, 2005 - August 30, 2017

Dearly missed by Lynnette Husted

Born on the Fourth of July…

Our lovely Lulu lit up our household for ten years and still left too soon.  She had severe shoulder pain in April, with nothing visible via x ray but the nagging possibility of cancer.  She bounced back to her usual self for a couple of months but another bout of pain and new x rays revealed dreaded bone cancer.  Efforts to effectively manage her pain were unsuccessful and we made the heart breaking decision to let her go.

Luna made our home a better place and we miss her dearly.  I miss her barging into the bedroom to wake me in the morning and the enthusiastic bows and “roos” in greeting for my arrival home in the evening as well as her jumping for joy when invited to go for rides in the car.  She ran laps around the house outside and sometimes ran laps inside well.  She loved to cockroach against a particular wall that has many nail marks from her dream running sessions.  She had a special scratch spot on her hip and would lean lean lean into you so you could adequately scratch her itch.  This initially very shy girl eventually came into her own and was a goofy, talkative, loving part of the family.

Run free sweet Luna.