Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Lester "Pike's Rawhide"

"Pike's Rawhide"
December 1, 1995 - June 4, 2004

Dearly missed by Susanne and Steve Waits

When Lester went to the bridge, he was about 9 years old, greyish brindle with lovely folded down ears and the most beautiful eyes and calm demeanor. He was found abandoned in the Federal Way/Tacoma area a few years back. How anyone could do that, I will never understand.

Lester settled in immediately when i adopted him. Monty and Shannon (our Irish Terrier that died a year ago) both took to Lester right away. After Lester’s leg amputation last fall, he quickly learned to get along just fine outside, in fact, he resumed running in our big yard with Lucia—-they kept each other in good shape. I just can’t think of a more perfectly behaved doggie than our Lester. If any dog would have been a good advertisement for racing greyhounds, it would have been Lester.