Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Leanne "Leannes The Best"

"Leannes The Best"
November 3, 2011 - December 1, 2019

Dearly missed by David and Margaret Hudson

Our sweet little Irish girl, Leanne, left for the bridge on Sunday, December First.

Leanne had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in early August, and we were once again faced with having to make a choice of maiming our friend and fighting overwhelming odds or simply accepting the cruel fate that had been handed to us. We chose to let Leanne live out her natural life and relished every moment that we were allotted. Until the last week of her life, Leanne flew up the stairs to her ‘apartment’ in our bedroom whenever she grew tired of the company of our other Greys and tuned up Sawyer and Dutch whenever she deemed them in need of disciplining. She was described as the ‘quirkiest’ greyhound that Flying Irish Greyhounds had ever placed, and she certainly lived up to that title with us.

Leanne was the last dog to live on my ship with me, and for two years she greeted everyone who came into my office. She was loved by all who knew her in Poulsbo, my ship’s crew, and especially her former foster parents Deb and Jim. Most of all, that sweet Irish gal was loved by Sawyer and Dutch, who will never fill the void she left. Neither will Margaret nor I.