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Lady and Zora (Sisters) "Dominating Dodge (Zora) & Lady D (Lady)"

Lady and Zora (Sisters)
"Dominating Dodge (Zora) & Lady D (Lady)"
#5478 & 5458
January 7, 2003 - March 1, 2015

The story of Lady D and Dominating Dodge:

Lady D arrived at GPI on the February (2/17/13) dog load from Florida. We call her Lady. She was immediately everyone’s favorite.

After her spay surgery and dental Lady took a while to recover, but wormed her way into everyone’s heart. We set her up in one of our big runs (8′ X 12′). We affectionately called it her penthouse suite! She had a raised bed in there, a big round dog bed, and another overstuffed quilt at the front of her run as she often liked to lie up against the gate and watch all the activity happening around the kennel.

Volunteers would often take her out into what we call our Adoption Center and spend time with her. We would open up the toy box and she just loved it!!! Her favorite thing was to pull a whole bunch of toys out of the toy box and collect them on the beds as well as throw them around.

Here are a couple of videos of Lady playing with the toys.

On March 23, 2013 another beautiful lady by the name of Zora (Dominating Dodge) was turned into GPI. Zora had originally been placed in a home in Atlanta, GA. Over the next 7 years she would live in Georgia, Kentucky and Idaho. In March 2013 her family felt they could no longer give her the home she deserved and turned to GPI to help find her a new home.

We wound up turning Lady and Zora out together for their daily turnouts and many folks commented on how alike the two girls looked and how well they did together. We soon realized that no wonder these two girls looked alike – they are sisters!!! Lady D and Dominating Dodge – together again after all those years. To both come through GPI for adoption is one thing, but to come through GPI at the same time after being apart for so long is truly amazing!!!! It was definitely meant to be.

Zora playing with the toys: http://youtu.be/yiYNH9krbrU

These two beautiful ladies are now together in a foster home and we were determined to find their forever home together.

Their foster mom says that these two are really a team. The easiest way to tell them apart is Zora always has a stuffie in her mouth. She would eat with it in her mouth if she could figure out how 😉 Zora is alpha and plays a little rough but backs off with a verbal reminder.

Both girls have the dog door down and love car rides (Lady needs help getting in) and walks.

They are happy girls, tails always in motion.

They love romps in the yard.

They are expert nappers (lots of practice) They are very loving and are enjoying retirement to the fullest.

P.S. In the pictures, Lady is the one with the pink collar and Zora is the one with the green collar.

P.S. Zora passed March 1, 2015 and Lady passed December 19, 2016